Annida Nur Fattiya Volunteer - Malang, Indonesia My name is Annida I’m 18 years old and I’m currently an undergraduate Indonesian student at Brawijaya University majoring in International Relations . I have a small community experience about environmental awareness, I used to do some garbage clean up around traditional market areas [...]


Andini Eryani Artist - Bogor, Indonesia My name is Andini Eryani. I am an Indonesian citizen who recently graduated from the State University of Jakarta. I am a graduate of the Office Administration Diploma major. Currently, the drastic climate change that is happening in the world is increasingly threatening human life. [...]


Dafa Maulida Rahmani Student - Bandung, Indonesia Hello, my name is Dafa Maulida Rahmani. I'm 19 years old. I live in Bandung, the capital of West Java, Indonesia. Currently, I am a sophomore student studying Civil Engineering at Bandung State Polytechnic. Many people underestimate climate change. In fact, climate change is [...]


Elsaniat Laoli Student - Gunungsitoli, Indonesia I am Elsaniat Laoli from Indonesia. I am currently an undergraduate student at Telkom University. As a student, my experiences involving climate change include: inviting my friends to border the use of fossil fuel vehicles, planting various types of green plants in front of the [...]


Erfa Canisthya Student, Writer, Vlogger - Jakarta, Indonesia Hello! I grew up in the coastal city of Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, so urban life and the ocean are very dear to my heart. I am currently pursuing a master's degree in the United States, focusing on the intersection of science and public [...]


Ayu Fitriana Rizki Artist, Activist - Balikpapan, Indonesia Hello Everyone! I'm Ayu, from Indonesia. I work as an Assistant Manager of Urban and Regional Planning at a Planning Consultant in Balikpapan City. I am active in several volunteer activities, and I am also the founder of several international organizations. I [...]


Visit the WebSite Gloria Joyanne Lukman Student, Writer - West Jakarta, Indonesia Greetings! I am Gloria Joyanne Lukman, an 18-year-old freelance writer and student pastry chef. I reside in Jakarta, the metropolitan area of Indonesia. I describe myself as someone who is ambitious, passionate and eager to learn. It has [...]

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