Solomon Luhana Volunteer - Lilongwe, Malawi I am a devoted member of The International Organization of United Nations Volunteers (IOUNV) in which we deal with helping vulnerable people and advocating for environmental protection, among other things. We also plant trees in order to reverse climate change. I joined the organization last [...]


Ganizani Blessings Mkumphira Volunteer - Lilongwe, Malawi I have experience in addressing the dangers of extreme heat and rapidly spreading wild fires. I was once elected president of the United Nations Youth Volunteer Scheme at Mzuzu University from 2017 to2019. My Scheme mainly focused on Climate Action; goal number 13 of [...]


Daisy Kajamala Volunteer - Balaka, Malawi I am a 28 years old teacher from Balaka and I am also a devoted member of The International Organization of United Nations Volunteers (IOUNV). I joined the organization earlier this year and we are involved in a lot of activities which are aimed [...]


Elina Zimba Magawa Volunteer - Mzuzu, Malawi I am a 29 years old teacher and l teach at Chibavi primary School. I have a Bachelor of Arts (Education) degree obtained from Mzuzu University. My majoring subjects are English and African languages. I was a member of Mzuzu University United Nations Volunteers [...]


Alick Genge Kachigwada Volunteer - Mzuzu, Malawi I am a 23-year old unmarried young man studying at Mzuzu University. I am pursuing Bachelor of Science Optometry (Hons) and currently in my 4 th year of study. I am a highly organized young man who has always believed in hard work to [...]


Chrissy R.M Kachulu Volunteer - Mzuzu, Malawi I am a 26 years old teacher and l teach at Success Pvt Secondary School. I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Education) degree obtained from Mzuzu University. My majoring subjects are History and English. While in college, I was a member of Mzuzu University [...]


Emmanuel A. Mithi Volunteer - Lilongwe, Malawi Malawi, like many other developing nations in sub- Saharan African is grasping with adverse impacts of climate change. This phenomenon is causing untold misery to the population and it manifested in the frequent occurrence of climate related hazards such as severe floods, strong [...]


Etayeb Nasri Scientist, Volunteer - Tunis, Tunisia I’m a a good learner in climate change, SDGs, management of natural resources and conservation agriculture. I have a engineering’s degree in management of natural resources that I earned in 2017. I participate in many webinars, courses and trainings from different establishments, universities and [...]


Beatrice Longwe Teacher, Volunteer - Mzuzu, Malawi I am a 27 years old teacher and l teach at Mzimba LEA School. I have a Bachelor of Arts (Education) degree obtained from Mzuzu University. My majoring subjects are Geography and English. While in college, I was a member of Mzuzu University [...]


Annida Nur Fattiya Volunteer - Malang, Indonesia My name is Annida I’m 18 years old and I’m currently an undergraduate Indonesian student at Brawijaya University majoring in International Relations . I have a small community experience about environmental awareness, I used to do some garbage clean up around traditional market areas [...]


Jacob Boggs Volunteer - Staunton, United States My main goal in life is to help as many people as I can before I die. I later realized that Climate Change is disrupting the entire world population. And I want to help with that progress to make the earth happy again and [...]


Visit the WebSite Lynette Tatenda Gonga Journalism and Filmmaker - Harare Urban, Zimbabwe I am an entrepreneur, video journalist and TV producer with over 7 years experience in International hospitality, tourism and media broadcasting. I have always been passionate about our environment and climate change poses a fundamental threat to the [...]


Reapi Dilokoloko Vakarorogo Student, Volunteer - Lautoka, Fiji I am a graduate student with a degree in marine science. I also took a course on climate change. As a Pacific islander, my island has experienced climate change right on our shores. Carrying out removal of COTs indicates that there is a [...]


Hamayun Khan Volunteer - Chevy Chase, United States I am an independent researcher with diverse professional and academic experience. I write on socio-economics issues of Afghanistan, having contributed a number of articles, a book, a book chapter, and several journal papers. My work has appeared in the Diplomat Magazine, Migration Policy [...]


Visit the website Dr. Md. Mazharul Islam Activist, Writer, Speaker - Dhaka, Bangladesh I am an active consultant of IUCN, the leading Environmental and Nature Science Agency working since 2017. I started my Humanitarian career with Humana People to people in Zimbabwe in 1999 and have been a lifetime member of [...]


Visit the website Godwin Monday Mayaki Activist, Volunteer - Lokoja, Nigeria I am Godwin Mayaki, a digital content manager and marketer. I am a firm believer in the doctrine of Action For The Cause; by taking concerted effort to achieve social goals. This is the very reason I started and administer [...]


Peacebenedicta Komba Academician - Lindi, Tanzania I’m an academician in a government institution, my core responsibilities are to impart knowledge, do research and give public lectures in the field of natural resources. I believe, if the natural resources are used sustainably they will benefit the current generations and the generations to [...]


Dejene Taye Activist - Addis ababa, Ethiopia I have an MSc degree in Renewable Energy and Climate change projects in east Africa with 12 years of work experience in national and international organizations. I have practical experience in designing and managing complex and multi-actor development programs (such as consortia) in areas [...]


Ogunyinka Damilola Oreofe Child psychology - Lagos, Nigeria I'm Ogunyinka Damilola Oreofe by name, a graduate of Tai sholarin University of education, studied counselling psychology as course of discipline, in year 2019, finished service year 2020. I am a self motivated lady, confident, goals achiever, have this listen hears to other [...]


Ginevra Giudici Student - Monza, Italy I study at the International School of Monza and am in grade 12. I have participated in many Fridays for future and have done several volunteering activities in my hometown. I believe that it is necessary for us (the younger generation) to do everything possible [...]


Hebert Molina Volunteer - Madrid, España I am a young professional lawyer in International Issues, based in Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Aruba and Venezuela. I have experience in negotiation, strategic alliances, culture and Ibero-American integration. I'm also an activist for the transformation of the current system towards a sustainable and inclusive one. [...]


Md. Mosharaf Volunteer - Dhaka, Bangladesh I'm Mosharaf but my nickname is Taif from Bangladesh. Currently, I study at University and also I serving as part-time work at a company. Honestly, I don't have any experience of climate change but I know that climate change fatal effect on the world, I [...]


Luiz Antonio Gomes Scientist, Volunteer - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil I am Luiz Antonio Gomes,  MSc, MBA, Global Director at afi Global Marine Have you seen inappropriate content from one of our ambassadors? Let us know using this email form! Report


Zanna Bukar Ali Volunteer - Maiduguri, Nigeria I am a 500 level Student of Education Economics University of Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria. I also have my Diploma in Information Technology from the University of Maiduguri. I am a Youth Leader in my State serving as the Program Officer of the [...]


Ogwok Peter Baguma Volunteer - Gulu, Uganda Hello there, my name is Peter Ogwok a self-employed freelance photographer in Uganda and I would like to take part in this great cause because I see the effect the climate has on me when performing my job and I can not really do [...]


Ayodele Odele Consultant - Lagos, Nigeria I am an engineer working as a consultant in the built industry. I live in Lagos Nigeria which is regarded as the most populous city in Africa. Here, the effects of climate change, rural urban migration is very easy to observe. The activity level is [...]


Vaibhav Pundir Volunteer - Dehradun, India My name is Vaibhav Pundir and I am working as an intern with UNDP at Center for Public Policy and Good Governance under Planning Division Uttarakhand. My role is to assist in making plans for intergration of Sustainable Development Goals at local level. I [...]


Irhum Jawad Khan Student - Rawalpindi, Pakistan My name is irhum jawad University, currently enrolled in a university doing my bachelor in computer science, but I also have an immense interest in getting knowledge of all over the world, I'm young and passionate about my career development and I want to [...]


Saadullah Ayaz Activist - Islamabad, Pakistan Mr. Saadullah Ayaz is a Pakistani conservationist and a development practitioner, with over 20 years of professional experience, focusing on Climate Change, Forestry/ Biodiversity Conservation and Participatory Natural Resource Management. I have expertise in policy planning, programme development coordination/management, donor relations, stakeholder involvement and team [...]


Albert Oppong-Ansah Content creation - Accra, Ghana A multiple award-winning environment and science journalist based in Ghana, West Africa with over 3000 articles to my credit. I am a Wolfson Press Fellow, University of Cambridge, Bloomberg Media Africa Initiative Fellow and passionate about nature and development. Have you seen [...]


Brighton Chama Activist, Scientist - Lusaka, Zambia I am a graduate with BSc Wood Science and Technology from the Copperbelt University, Zambia. Trained Climate Reality Leader and former Green ambassador for Green Institute of Nigeria. I am currently working as an Engagement Lead for BioCarbon Partners Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and [...]


Visit the website Mithun Dutta Student, Researcher, Writer - Dhaka, Bangladesh An experienced Climate change and water science researcher with demonstrated history of working in the climate context, particularly in Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience (D3R), Climate Change, Hydro morphology and Machine Learning. Mithun brings a strong background in the climate [...]


Ishupinder Kaur Researcher - Vadodara, India I am an Environment professional having almost 4 years of experience in the field. I did my post-graduation in Environment Management and worked on climate change, environment and natural resource management. My area of work majorly dealt with building resilience, mainstreaming sustainability in development planning [...]


Pablo J Reali Scientist, Environmental Advisor, Universitary Lecturer - Montevideo, Uruguay Since 1997 I have been working in climate change issues, first in mitigation projects both into the regulated and the voluntary market. I have been working for many both public and private institutions. In the last three years I was [...]


Anna Spolito Volunteer, Writer,Scientist - Rome, Italy I come from Sardinia, an Italian island located in the Mediterranean Sea, and right in this land I could appreciate the importance of nature, sea life and biodiversity. I'm a researcher for several universities, and among the topics on which I would like to [...]


Dr. Piyush Choudhary Industry Professional - New Delhi, India I am having more than 20+ years of industrial experience in national oil company of India. Professionally and academically, I have been associated with a national and international repute universities, governments and research organizations in the areas of carbon management and sustainability. [...]


Oketa Lawrence Activist - Gulu, Uganda I am Lawrence oketa currently doing small scale farming and doing tree planting.i have plans of involving children of school going age to engage in agriculture majorly tree planing with the aim of preserving our climate,our slogan is the land that feed us should feed [...]


Sumathi Research, Scientist - Chennai, India I always had a strong liking and close-to-heart relationship with Nature. The emotional bondage with Nature took me to complete PhD in Environmental Science. With strong fundamental knowledge in life science, I started to study and relate beneficial microbes and apply them for environmental remediation [...]


Ganeshkumar Activist - Bengaluru, India 17+ years of experience in sustainability consulting and advisory with global brands. Certified Sustainability assessor and GRI practitioner. My awareness towards climate change started when tsunami destroyed my small village. My ambition is to be part of the global movement which creates awareness about climate change [...]


Maryam Banel Batul Faye Volunteer - Dakar, Senegal Je suis etudiante en science juridique et politique et volontaire dans l'Ong corpsAfrica Senegal ou je fut affectée dans l'ile de Betenty. C'est la ou j'ai decouvert reellement l'importance de la protection de l'environnement et les enjeux du changement climatique. Etant donné que [...]


Visit the website Dr. Cindy Mason Writer - Palo Alto, United States AI Research Scientist Author/Editor Artififical Intelligence and The Environment - 16 Blueprints for Sustainability Chair of the first national and international workshop on AI and Environment Creator of Green Care - acupressure based self help, www.21stcenturymed.org [...]


Bello Ridwan Opeyeki Student, Scientist - Akure, Nigeria I'm a graduate of Biotechnology with knowledge in environmental Biotechnology. I love a clean and safe environment because I know the impact of having a clean environment. I believed that climate change is something real that we should be cognizant about. However, I [...]


Kaboye Ronald Volunteer, scientist, Reseacher - TKampala, Uganda Ronald Kaboye is a male Ugandan and professional Conservation scientist with Msc, PGC, Bsc Environmental studies with over 7 years engaging in developmental projects, Youth and women Inclusion in, conservation agriculture and climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience measures at both national, regional [...]


Anusha Kant Volunteer, Researcher - New Delhi, India My specializations as an architect and urban designer are sustainable urban development, climate change, adaptation, urban & land use planning, urban conservation heritage revival, housing policies, and disaster management resilience. I have worked with top national and international organizations such as HUDCO, CSE, [...]


Mouhamadou Mbaye Entrepreneur - Dakar, Senegal I am Mouhamadou Mbaye, a young Senegalese, born and raised in Dakar. I obtained my bachelor's degree in 2014 before going to Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar where I studied economics and management up to bachelor's level 2. In 2020, I volunteered in community [...]


Usha khatiwada Volunteer - Kathmandu, Nepal Currently working in position of ceo for an infrastructure company that invest in hydro sector- renewable sector which helps in the reduction of carbon emission. I believe we should be more eco friendly, environment friendly should stop deforestation through awareness and advocacy. Have [...]


Francis Ndhlovu Volunteer - Lusaka, Zambia Francis Ndhlovu is a Zambian National Specialist Volunteer who works as a Research Assistant for the United Nations Development Programme on the project Strengthening Climate Resilience of Agricultural Livelihoods in Zambia's Agro-ecological Regions I and II (SCRALA). He holders a bachelor’s degree in Agroforestry and [...]


Sylvester Musyoki Kaboi Volunteer - Nairobi, Kenya Experienced Climate Change PES/LEDS and Community Based Natural Resource Management Specialist in different sectors spread for over 20 years in local and Multi National Organizations. Strong Project Manager with over 15 years of relevant project management experience especially with USAID and USAID-supported programs. Excellent [...]


Peter Makwanya Writer, Blogger, Communication Expert, Researcher - Gweru, Zimbabwe An academic, university lecturer for Communication Studies, Zimbabwe Open University. Climate researcher, writer, publisher, trainer, facilitator and climate change communication expert consultant with the government of Zimbabwe. Long time columnist on climate change issues with the Newsday paper since 2010 to [...]


Faith Nkatha Volunteer - Nairobi, Kenya I am a graduate environmentalist and masters degree student in environmental science. Through out my study period and the various engagements I have had, climate change is well understood by people who are like minded who are barely a drop in the ocean. I find [...]

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