Gloria Joyanne Lukman

Student, Writer – West Jakarta, Indonesia

Greetings! I am Gloria Joyanne Lukman, an 18-year-old freelance writer and student pastry chef. I reside in Jakarta, the metropolitan area of Indonesia. I describe myself as someone who is ambitious, passionate and eager to learn. It has been obvious to me since I was a child that individuals in my neighborhood are indifferent about the state of the environment. I frequently observe citizens dumping rubbish all over the place. You can easily find the nearest river and sidewalks littered in plastic debris resulting in a frustrating annual flood. As I get older, it came to my concern that my city is not getting any better. The temperature has risen following the air pollution. Landfills are filling up and the city will soon be left with no space to dispose of their household and factory waste.
Not to mention the large-scale illegal deforestation that occurs in Indonesia’s forests. The expansion of the palm oil business has prompted the expansion of plantations. While there isn’t much room for palm trees, many palm oil companies decide to cut down rainforest trees for the sake of their own business. This causes various problems such as rising temperatures, the extinction of indigenous wildlife, and forest fires. Especially when acknowledging that Indonesia has the largest expanse of rainforest in all of Asia. Governments are demanded to find a solution to these rising problems, yet the people themselves are unaware that it’s their doings that leads them to where they are. I believe that climate change is as real as it could be and everyone all over the world should work together to stop global warming. If everyone is willing to take a step towards this issue, I am confident that we will be able to make this world a better place.
My future ambitions and goals are to flourish in my career while also contributing to this movement in a way to help prevent global warming. I want to open a vegan restaurant that utilizes all eco-friendly utensils and encourages local ingredients in the dishes.

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