Dear Senator:

I am reaching out to you as a citizen who is concerned about the environment and the world I am leaving behind for my children. I am part of a nationwide effort to help GlobalConscience.World reach out to US Senators and Representatives and ask one simple question: What are you personally doing to help fight the negative effects of climate change? We are asking because we believe the scientific evidence makes it clear it is too late for those in positions of power to continue turning a blind eye to the creeping effects of Global Warming. As such, we have three simple demands: We demand that you end subsidies to oil and coal companies, support renewable energy research that can be used by private companies, and restrict oil drilling leases in environmentally sensitive and protected areas.

Time’s up. Actions speak louder than words, and it is time for you to show your voters that you are serious about climate change.


Your Constituent

Want to help fight climate change?

Copy and paste our letter and then click “Email Representative” to contact your local senators and state representatives using the Democracy.IO platform.

Together, we can make a difference!

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Take Action – here’s what you can do!

Call your Senators

Call your state senators and ask how they are taking action to fight climate change.


Speak Up!

Do you have educational or newsworthy content exposing corporations or governments affecting the Earth, positively or negatively? We want to see it! We want reporters around the world helping make GlobalConscience.World a global news network for the people.

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Write a Song

Create a climate change related song or music video for GlobalConscience.World! We’re hosting the music video promotion to get songs to use to build awareness of our environmental campaign.  Write a song and save the world.


Make a Donation

Make a donation to support the non-profit behind the GlobalConscience.World initiative, Rainbow Movement Foundation. With your help, we can help educate the world and inspire action.


Use Ecosia

Imagine if every 45 times you Google searched, a tree was planted. Make your default browser to plant trees when you browse the web.


Shop for Charity

Do you use Amazon? Did you know that if you sign up at SMILEAMAZON.COM Amazon will automatically donate .5% of the cost of your eligible purchases to the charity of your choice? Sign up and let your shopping passively support environmentally-friendly charities. Plus, save your boxes and you can donate them to GiveBackBox.


Reduce your Carbon Footprint

One of the most important steps in reducing your carbon footprint is being aware of the impact your actions make. Use this carbon footprint calculator from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.


Audit Home Energy Use provides a detailed breakdown for how to audit and reduce your household energy consumption, both professionally and DIY. Not only does this help the environment, but you may be able to reduce your home energy bills considerably. 


Eat Less Fish

Commercial fishing practices are extremely harmful to our oceans and the environment. One of the best ways that you can reduce your ecological footprint is to minimize your fish consumption. Learn more about the war being waged on Earth’s oceans by visiting the link below.


Learn More



One simple way to reduce your carbon footprint is by reducing the amount of time you use your car. You can carpool with others or offer your car for ridesharing at Waze Carpool.


 Recycle Boxes

 Have extra boxes, or items to donate? Send your used boxes and donations to Give Back Box, who gives each and every cardboard box a second life. 


Save the Oceans

Connect with these online resources from Project Aware to educate yourself about how climate change is affecting our oceans, and what steps you can take to help.


Cleanup Trash

Learn safe practices for cleaning up trash in your local park, beach, or neighborhood.


Reduce Waste

Here are 21 ways that you can personally reduce waste from your home.


Spread Awareness

 One of the biggest ways that one person can make a difference is through inspiring other people to make a difference. Share our educational content online to support our efforts to save the planet.


Make Social Content 

Ever heard of TikTok? If you send us educational videos about the environment formatted for Tik Tok, we may post your content on our page! We’ll also accept square (1:1) graphics for our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter pages. Send content to for review. 


Make Videos 

Have a knack for making videos and care about the environment? Send us your educational, environmental content and we’ll consider posting your videos to our YouTube or Facebook pages. Send content to for review. 


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