Sofia Briñez Rangel Student, Volunteer - Iquique, Chile My main purpose is ¨risking life for great ideals¨. I am constantly involved in volunteer activities and organizations, as well in debates contests, such as the Model UN, where I can find myself exploiting all my abilities while making a difference in [...]


Pinkey Chowdhury Volunteer - Ontario, Canada Currently, I am working as a Volunteer in the Parvati Foundation. This foundation’s project name MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, declares the Arctic Ocean north of the Arctic Circle an international peace park, free from exploitation of all kinds. It prohibits all activities harmful [...]


Francis Maberi Activist - Mbale, Uganda I am a Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Ambassador with a strong passion for goal 5 on gender equality, goal 10 on reducing inequalities, goal 13 on climate action and goal 17 on partnerships. I am a development worker and philanthropist with a community [...]


Zaheer Abbas Climate/Environmental Activist, Journalist - Islamabad, Pakistan I am an echo-nut and humanist, very concerned about global climate changing trends and its repercussions. I study Disaster and Risk Management so that I can do something for our ecosystem, especially to counter the repercussions of climate change. I look forward to meeting [...]


Mia Doerschner Climate Activist - Michigan, United States I am a Climate Activist, International Best-Selling Author mentioned in FORBES magazine and featured in M4WOMEN magazine, and mother of two fighting to protect future generations.  We owe our children a better word than the one in which we live now. My mission [...]


Sol Eguizabal Blogger, Volunteer - Buenos Aires, Argentina Hi everyone! My name is Sol, I'm 25 and I'm from Argentina! I studied Global Business Management here in Argentina and also did a exchange year in the US to study International Business. My whole life I've been really interested in taking [...]


Rosmel Rodriguez Political Advisor, Environmental Activist - Portugal I am a young Venezuelan political advisor and environmental activist who currently resides in Portugal. I’m a member founder and coordinator of the international affairs department of the youth NGO ZORA in the Municipality of Marco de Canaveses, to act for sustainable [...]


Sumarie Jordaan Musician - South Africa I am a South African singer, songwriter, and motivational speaker, residing in Cape Town, Republic of South Africa. My globally viral music video, Renew Your Perception, is a song that I wrote to change people’s perception about people with disabilities, as I am ‘differently abled’. [...]

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