Visit the WebSite Goodside  GlobalConscience.World Partner - Toronto, Canada The Goodside app measures your carbon footprint in real-time, then gives you tips to reduce your impact. Take climate action to see your score rise and earn rewards for both you and the planet. Read their Good News Blog. [...]


Franki Croft Volunteer - Canada I am a young adult passionate about the wildlife, clean water and overall health of our earth. Have you seen inappropriate content from one of our ambassadors? Let us know using this email form! Report [...]


Visit the WebSite Green Standards Partner - Canada Green Standards is a specialized environmental firm that works with corporations and other large organizations to responsibly redistribute no-longer-needed surplus office furniture, equipment and supplies. They work with some of the largest companies in the world to recover value, benefit [...]


Samantha Coccimiglio Environmentalist - Canada I’m an environmentalist promoting sustainable living & conscious consumerism. I have a BA in Environmental Studies & a Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business Management. I’ve always cared about the environment, and my goal is to show how beneficial it is to be sustainable. [...]


Anita F. White Eco-Parent, Volunteer - Canada With a background in business, finance, and international studies, I became a climate-parent activist organically. I want to broaden the climate conversation across all sections of society, especially amongst other parents. I believe climate education and conversation should be fundamental to increase [...]

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