Sumarie Jordan, Ambassador

Sofia Briñez Rangel

Student, Volunteer – Iquique, Chile

My main purpose is ¨risking life for great ideals¨. I am constantly involved in volunteer activities and organizations, as well in debates contests, such as the Model UN, where I can find myself exploiting all my abilities while making a difference in society. Learning from new experiences and different people is what I enjoy the most, because I’m a true believer that knowledge is power, and at the same time it helps me grow as a better human being.

Fighting climate change, for me, means more than the concept itself. I understand it as the fight for absolutely all lives on earth and their rights as individuals protected by law. At the time of violating their main home and fundamental source for their subsistence, millions of innocent human and live beings would be putting themselves at risk. Oceans, forests, mountains, animals and plants are more than decoration for visual pleasure. Us, humans, are guests on earth and our only mission is taking care of it.

Some recognition awards I’ve received include Outstanding Delegate Model UN Feb. 2018; Outstanding Delegate Model UN May 2018; Outstanding Delegate Model UN Oct. 2018; Outstanding participation in the Science & Technology Elective Activities 2018; Outstanding Student for the Value of Solidarity 2019; Outstanding Student for the Value of Responsibility 2019 & 2021

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