Peacebenedicta Komba Academician - Lindi, Tanzania I’m an academician in a government institution, my core responsibilities are to impart knowledge, do research and give public lectures in the field of natural resources. I believe, if the natural resources are used sustainably they will benefit the current generations and the generations to [...]


Michael Leo Volunteer - Mwanza, Tanzania I am a degree holder (Bachelor of Arts with Education) majoring in Kiswahili and Linguistics. I am an enthusiastic person who gives out my time and efforts to boost up the community. I am also a Climate Champion and my goal is to become a [...]


Visit the website Saustine Geoffrey Lusanzu Activist - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania I am 24-years-old and I hold a Bachelor’s degree of Arts with Education from The University of Dodoma. I am a youth advocate, climate activist, Tanzania country coordinator for the UN climate change conference of youth 16 (COY16 ) [...]


Juma Amuko Environmentalist - Tanzania I am an environmentalist from Tanzania located in East Africa, a member of the Mother Earth project, and a volunteer at Sustainability for Environmental and Climate Change Association (SECCA). Have you seen inappropriate content from one of our ambassadors? Let us know using this email form! [...]

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