Abubakr Yosufi Student - Kabul, Afghanistan I am a last year medical student and global health activist and enthusiast. I have published several articles and published a review article as well. I believe that we have no “Planet B” to live on. So we have to protect this planet for future [...]


Hedayatullah Ehsan Student, Activist, Volunteer - Kabul, Afghanistan My name is Hedayatullah Ehsan and I am a senior at Kabul University of Medical Science. I am double-majoring in public health and I will graduate in 2021 with a master's degree. My career goal is in medical and public health so I [...]


Ikramuddin Himmat Yar Writer, Activist, Country Coordinator - Kabul, Afghanistan I am involved in youth activities and am a youth ambassador doing campaigns for achieving & implementing SDGs on a national & international level and resolving conflicts without violence. We can work together to improve the quality of people’s lives, fighting [...]


Mohammad Mahdi Student, Volunteer - Kabul, Afghanistan I'm a student and active person in so many causes. First, I'm a member of the United Religious Initiative which works for peace and women's freedom and a leader against discrimination and I'm also a member at Exploding Rainbows. My vision is to change [...]

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