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Save Kumaon

GlobalConscience.World Partner – India

The purpose of Save Kumaon is to support preservation of the natural ecology and sacred spaces of Kumaon Himalayas. It is a sharing space for information and knowledge about Kumaon. It is intended as a platform to bring together all those who are committed to preserve the pristine fragile environments of the Himalayas. We have begun with Kumaon as the area we live in and are focusing on, but along with partners, we envisage our reach to extend to the entire Himalayas, without boundaries, and indeed to Planet Earth.

Our mission is to support initiatives to preserve, protect, foster and rejuvenate the natural ecology, traditions, culture and spiritual heritage of the Kumaon Himalayas. We actively resist attempts by any entity to indulge in illegal, unethical and environmentally unfriendly undertakings in Kumaon. We help raise environmental and ecological awareness and promote sustainability. Our intention is to partner those who may be doing the same things in their area, so that we can share learning through our experiences, to save time and costly mistakes. It is imperative that we work together towards saving the Earth at this unprecedented time in the history of our planet. We are an inclusive and organically growing movement, which gives us the flexibility to help where the need is highest or where we can make a difference.

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