Ndanga Tchana Ludovic

Activist – Messamena, Cameroon

I am a young Cameroonian 34 year old with a Master’s degree in Plant Biology from the University of Yaoundé I in Cameroon. I am a Green Peace volunteer and I work for a local NGO called Tropical Forest and Rural Development recipient of the 2021 United Nations Equator Prize. In this NGO, I work as a technical assistant on the northern outskirts of the Dja Wildlife Reserve.

Climate change on the northern outskirts of the Dja Wildlife Reserve is caused by the development and expansion of plantations and logging. Humans set fire to large areas of forests which release large amounts of CO2 into nature, thus amplifying climate change.

My job is to follow the producers and encourage them to produce high quality organic cocoa on the old fallows while respecting the Rain Forest Alliance certification criteria. My ambition is to share my experience with organizations, research institutions, private companies working on nature-based solutions such as agroforestry practice.

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