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Michael  Anthony Townes

Partner / Ambassador – United States

Michael Anthony Townes has 25 years of on air and extensive commercial production experience. He has been in the business for over 25 years with a proven track record of writing and producing commercials with a high rating success and a strong listener engagement. Mike delivers engaging on-air and pre-recorded content and lends his voice as a professional voice-over artist for an array of projects including narration, interviews, commercials, etc. for your voiceover projects please visit Mike’s website

Dic Chill | Zeno.FM
Dic Quiet Storm | Zeno.FM
DIC R&B | Zeno.FM
DIC Jazz| Zeno.FM

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GlobalConscience.World (GCW) is recruiting international Ambassadors to join its effort to educate people about global warming and to show them what they can do, as individuals, to fight it. Ambassadors will help publicize the GlobalConscience.World message and share educational resources any way they can. In return, GCW will help its Ambassadors become social media influencers offering real solutions to global problems. GCW’s ultimate goal is to have a worldwide network of Ambassadors helping us put pressure on corporations and governments, because we believe the changes the world needs will happen only with the support of concerned citizens in every country!
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