Sumarie Jordan, Ambassador

Leonardo Mediorreal

Student, Volunteer – Bogotá, Colombia

I am an Environmental Engineer and Business Manager with 2 years of experience in consulting companies. I am passionate about being part of teams that promote best practices of sustainable development, working for the restructuring or adoption of new processes in organizations in order to reduce their impact on the emission of greenhouse gases, help the energy transition and promote the reuse and valuation of waste among the different actors of productive chains.

I know how it feels to help a company to create value and grow, however I feel something is still missing. I want to be part of something bigger, not only helping companies to grow but also helping the transition towards a world where everyone realizes that single actions can help to prevent what we are living today: the destruction of our natural resources and our planet without measure. I hope I can spread the message being an Ambassador in this region of the world.

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GlobalConscience.World Ambassadors

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