Sumarie Jordan, Ambassador

Kamaljyothi Suresh Gandhi

Educator, Activist, Volunteer – Mumbai, India

I am a freelance landscape designer and educator and I work towards conservation of biodiversity. Climate change has a negative effect on the lives of people all across the world especially the poor who are most vulnerable due to displacement. There are no laws to protect them especially with their immigration status which leads to many law and order situation around the country of their migration. Climate change also brings about extinction of flora and fauna which changes the ecological balance thus bringing about rise in the temperature  indirectly affecting an increase in water crises, pathogens causing many a diseases in plants animals human beings. Climate change influences different factors hence to mitigate a clear action plan is mandatory. I would like to work on practical solutions for climate change by working mainly with the community at large, since it is very essential to bring about change at a local level by advocating the use of green energy and the consumption of less carbon fuel.

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