Howard Kane

Volunteer, Blogger – Telšiai, Lithuania

Originally I am a pro musician from a family of musicians and music teachers. I grew up in Lithuania and since early childhood I have been learning how to master the violin, the drums, the guitar. I’ve been an active participant in concerts, tours, competitions of different kinds. Since my early days on Earth I have had a deep interest in science, later on – technology. My concerns about climate change have always been strong but censored – no person around me has ever cared a bit about nature and our addition to entropy.

After finishing high school a year ago I went to London, England to study law at the University of Greenwich. During my time in England I instead started studying engineering and physics by myself, then moved on to do freelance research and writing for some Canadian companies in the technology space. While doing this I was also building an online media company, I have built it all myself, did all the designs, marketing and articles for it. Have been working with 100+ partners worldwide, some of the most respected names in software-as-a-service.

I am always learning, whether it’s quantum mechanics, binary trees, electromagnetism, or materials science – I want it all stored in my RAM. I think it would be a perfect time for me to start helping fight climate change instead of just thinking about it very often. Especially if I have the chance. It is time to save the world which started getting severely damaged during the industrial revolution. Some steps one has to take back once in a while.

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