Sumarie Jordan, Ambassador

Edward Maia

Volunteer – Papua New Guinea

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts-Journalism and Media studies from Divine Word University, a state University in my country. Papua New Guinea is an island country in the Pacific and the effect of climate change and global warming will be devastating if we don’t do something about it. We need to start somewhere to minimize the impact/effects of global warming. I come from the Inland and the most mountainous parts of Papua New Guinea but that does not mean I don’t feel or see the work of global change and warming of the ozone. We are starting to experience a rise in the temperature in the mountains; plants and animals that could not survive in cold temperatures are now living and breeding in some of the highest peaks. The capital city, Port Moresby, is now facing the blistering heat of the sun with temperature rising to 39-40 degrees Celsius. The tropical rain forest is drying up due to the decline in precipitation and that is causing water shortage and power/load shedding in the villages and towns. Something must be done.

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