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The vast majority of Americans care about the effects of climate change, but something is keeping them from taking action. The Climate Advocacy Lab was created to help solve this problem …and it’s working. Every day, thousands of advocates and organizers across the country work to reduce climate pollution and expand clean energy opportunities for healthier, thriving communities and a vibrant, climate-stable world. But, we are living in the most hostile political environment ever to climate action. We don’t have the time or money to waste on tactics that fail, or worse, that backfire. Policy- and decision makers won’t take meaningful action until they feel significant pressure from their constituents. “The Lab” has become one of the most effective and prominent training, testing, and consulting organizations in the climate and clean energy advocacy space. Our mission is to help the climate community build grassroots power and win through evidence-based advocacy. We do this by enabling organizations to run smarter and more effective public engagement campaigns.We use evidence, including social science research, data and analytics, field experiments, case studies, and campaign lessons learned to help climate advocates in every part of the U.S. run smarter public engagement campaigns. We raise the sophistication of the field and the appetite for evidence-informed decisions.

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