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Arizona Youth Climate Coalition

GlobalConscience.World Partner – United States

Arizona Youth Climate Coalition is a collaborative, youth-led organization fighting for climate justice across the Grand Canyon State. Through a combination of tactics ranging from direct action, mutual aid, civic engagement, education, and more, they are building a movement of young people from middle school to undergraduate college to fight the climate crisis and the systems that created it. There can be no climate justice without racial, economic, and social justice; solutions to the climate crisis will be community-driven and accessible, not privatized or for profit. They recognize that the climate crisis is the result of ongoing institutionalized power structures that disvalue both people and the environment, putting them at a disadvantage and perpetuating injustice. As youth, they will work to address the exploitative nature of these structures, such as racism, sexism, capitalism, colonialism, imperialism, and fascism, and use this understanding to work towards systemic change.

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