Sumarie Jordan, Ambassador

Anirudh Thorbole

Marine Pollution Activist – Ahmedabad , India

I am a nature lover, but the times today can even hurt the people who are not close to nature. I am involved in acknowledging one such problem of marine plastic pollution and various aspects to tackle such problems worldwide. I am a Masters student at Asian Institute of Technology focusing on Marine Plastics Abatement with the program funded by the Japanese government. I believe, as all of us say, it’s a peak time where humanity has to be accountable for their own actions and try to act responsible toward nature trough their actions. The techniques we discuss such as 3Rs, waste management, sustainability and circular economy needs more awakened individuals to understand their higher purpose towards the environment. And governance that has a valuable impact on the society to take actions which synchronize with the nature of the Earth and its bio diversity.

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