Is it too late to stop global warming

By Nadia Isaac – Aug 16, 2021

Is it too late to stop global warming? The UN seems to believe so. Scientists detect that global warming is getting worse by the day. The Earth is getting so hot that temperatures will probably be way higher than world leaders ever thought in about a decade.

“It’s just guaranteed that it’s going to get worse,” said report co-author Linda Mearns, a senior climate scientist at the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research. “Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.”

A major UN scientific report has said that human activity is changing the climate in unprecedented and sometimes irreversible ways.

The study warns that extreme heatwaves, droughts, flooding, and a broken key temperature limit reveal the beginning of the worse. The report “is a code red for humanity”, says the UN chief. However, scientists say a crisis can be avoided if the world acts quickly.

Across the country and the world, scientists zeroed in on the UN report highlighting that climate change is here and now, that the time to avoid a crisis is dwindling, but solutions are still possible.

Immediate action to cut greenhouse gas emissions could limit some impacts of global warming, but others are now set in stone. The deadly heat waves, massive hurricanes, and other weather extremes that are already happening will only become more severe.

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