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William Ulrich, Founder, Rainbow Movement Foundation

William Ulrich, Founder, Rainbow Movement Foundation


Photo caption: William Ulrich, Founder, Rainbow Movement Foundation
Apr. 29, 2021 — Cape Coral, FL –

The Rainbow Movement Foundation, a local nonprofit bringing awareness to organizations and groups doing good deeds in the community, announces the launch of the film Rainbowland. Rainbowland is a documentary film produced by William Ulrich, Founder of the nonprofit. The film, which can be viewed from the link www.rainbowlandfilm.com, was made to tell the origin story of the Rainbow

Framed as a letter to his granddaughter, the documentary follows Ulrich’s journey to find meaning in an experience he considers a miracle, and to his eventual pursuit of charity work. His passion grew after he witnessed an inspiring natural display. As the sun was setting on his riverfront condo, an amazingly bright and beautiful rainbow framed the river that opens to the Gulf. “It was two miles away and four miles wide,” Ulrich says. “Then it rushed towards me. It moved quickly across the river and stopped right in front of me. I almost fell over.” So it is not surprising that Ulrich experienced more than the beauty this rainbow offered to the eye, or why he felt there was more to the meaning of this rainbow than a basic scientific explanation might provide. To him, the rainbow appeared to be sending a message.

“I felt I was given the power of the world, that I could do almost anything,” notes Ulrich. “Let me rephrase that . . . I thought I was given the power of the universe, that I was sent something so special, so powerful, that I could do anything with it.”

That’s when Ulrich decided to devote his resources to build a world-wide movement. His journey began with helping others and promoting other organizations that were doing good deeds. But he wanted to go deeper. Ulrich wanted something that would involve each one of us. He launched www.GlobalConscience.World to build a movement of people working together to advance awareness and understanding of the climate crisis as well as to discover remedies that are essential to creating a healthier, greener environment for future generations.

“I think the message from the rainbow was that I was supposed to do things that I
wanted to do when I was young. I wanted to be a hero. I wanted to save the world. I wanted to be appreciated,” says Ulrich. He continues, “The legacy I want to leave is the Rainbow Movement. I want it to be the best organization in the world to help all people.

I’ve always been a man of action, and when you have that energy that the rainbow gave me that day, you can create and make anything happen. The rainbow gave me the ability to do things that I never thought I could. It inspired me to go beyond myself, beyond everything, to look at the goodness of the world and to try to help and fix things because we have a lot of problems right now. This is a time where we need to bring everybody together. I am so grateful to be able to do this. I’m doing this for the people of the world. “

The Rainbow Movement Foundation stands with those who need a voice and supports projects that provide a better quality of life for those in need, including initiatives of their own. For more information, please visit https://rainbowmovement.world/

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