Brighton Chama Activist, Scientist - Lusaka, Zambia I am a graduate with BSc Wood Science and Technology from the Copperbelt University, Zambia. Trained Climate Reality Leader and former Green ambassador for Green Institute of Nigeria. I am currently working as an Engagement Lead for BioCarbon Partners Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and [...]


Francis Ndhlovu Volunteer - Lusaka, Zambia Francis Ndhlovu is a Zambian National Specialist Volunteer who works as a Research Assistant for the United Nations Development Programme on the project Strengthening Climate Resilience of Agricultural Livelihoods in Zambia's Agro-ecological Regions I and II (SCRALA). He holders a bachelor’s degree in Agroforestry and [...]


Vincent Chewe Volunteer, Blogger - Lusaka, Zambia I am a biological scientist with a major in biodiversity and ecology science, I am a climate change activist and I look for mordern solutions to climate related problems currently being faced by the world. My future ambition is to get involved in a [...]


Nawiti Kapembwa Volunteer - Mwandi, Zambia I am 36 years old, a primary school teacher in Zambia. In our country recently the weather is unpredictable with some parts of the country experiencing low rainfall patterns. I believe the unprecedented cutting of trees for fuel is a major contributing factor. I [...]


Tristar Chibuye Activist, Volunteer, Capacity Building Expert - Lusaka, Zambia I hold a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Sciences. I work for FIAN International Zambia and I volunteer for Young Volunteers for the Environment Zambia. Both organizations deal with biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation/mitigation. I grew up in a place [...]


Chimuka Milambo Chuulu Student, Activist - Lusaka, Zambia I am a young Zambian female interested in continuous engagement with the geopolitical and environmental sector through various platforms and opportunities. I have grown up in a country where single use plastics are at an all time high whilst climate restoration or [...]


Ntilila Chikoye Writer - Lusaka, Zambia I am a 23 year old Economist (graduate). I am also well acquainted with Business/Finance. I am passionate about writing, soccer, equality and socialism and music sectors. My interest in climate change came through my academic studies. Have you seen inappropriate content [...]

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