Visit the WebSite My Farm Dubai GlobalConscience.World Partner - United Arab Emirates My Farm Dubai was created to allow everyone to start to consume and use real organic products, in short circuit because all they are produced in Dubai. Our mission is to spread knowledge about growing plants using 100% sustainable [...]


Rhieya Rahul Student - Dubai, United Arab Emirates I am a student in 11th grade who is passionate about the environment and would like to do my best to help the current global warming crisis. I haven't volunteered for any other activities for climate change yet, but I would be overjoyed [...]


Tarek Reyad Hanna Volunteer - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates I am from Egypt and am living in the United Arab Emirates.  I care about climate change because I want to live in a safe place on this planet that we call our home.  All people are responsible for the dangerous [...]


Nivedha Somasundaram Volunteer - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates I am currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in Architecture. Education, in my opinion, is a critical component of the worldwide response to climate change. It helps people understand and confront the implications of global warming, improves young people's "climate literacy", encourages them [...]


Visit the WebSite Raazin Anwar Student, Volunteer - Dubai, United Arab Emirates I am 18 y/o, just completed my high school, going to pursue an undergraduate degree in architecture in university. Sustainable Architecture for a better world is my aim in life. I’ve been trying to educate myself more on climate [...]

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