Manal Hamed Mohamed Salih Volunteer - Gedarif, Sudan I am a veterinarian i had more than 13 years work experience in Ministry of Animal Resources & Fisheries & INGOs in both Practical Action and ZOA organization. I had great interest in the issue of climate change , i had attend [...]


Tibian Abd El Motalab Abd El Motal Volunteer, Activist - Khartoum, Sudan 1. Founder of Save The Earth Initiative, an environmental initiative aims to provide educational, awareness content about the environmental issues. 2. International volunteer and social media coordinator at global organization Re-Earth Initiative : global youth organization aims to provide [...]


Abdelaziz Ali Activist, Writer, Artist - Gedarif, Sudan I have over 25 years of experience in education, rural development, strategic planning, sustainable development, ICT4D, M&E and communication. I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Fine and applied Arts from the Sudan University of Science and Technology in 1993. I completed Master [...]


Rahma Ali Entrepreneur - Khartoum , Sudan I am a young architect and environmentalist, and issues related to climate change have always been essential to shaping the way I aim. I wish to pursue my studies to expand my horizon on how to use knowledge for impact. I have engaged [...]

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