Visit the WebSite Ground-Up Initiative GlobalConscience.World Partner - Singapore Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) is a non-profit society, with a mission to connect people with Nature, Self & Others. By creating a space to nurture connectedness, creativity & risk-taking, we aspire to build a 21st Century Kampung Culture that cultivates holistic solutions [...]


Chin Ying Tan Blogger - Singapore Everyone has a part to play in reducing the effects of climate change. I believe that it is done by raising awareness of the impact that climate change has and learning more about it by research, and the methods on reducing waste. You can do [...]


Christopher Volunteer - Singapore I am pursuing my career goals to live up to the UNSDGs, especially in the clean water sector. I am excited to share my journey and what I plan to do to work toward sustainable practices in providing fresh and clean water for industrial practices and [...]

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