Zakaria Ederouich Volunteer - Errachidia, Morocco Je suis étudiant en ingénierie et je vois que le changement climatique devient la menace la plus dangereuse pour notre avenir. Les humains doivent prendre leurs responsabilités et aider à guérir la Terre car elle n'a rien fait pour mériter cela. C'est complètement innocent. Je [...]


Reda Taleb Volunteer - Casablanca , Morocco Through spreading awareness and role modeling amongst relevant communities (my hundreds of students, even year, entrepreneurs I meet,...) Have you seen inappropriate content from one of our ambassadors? Let us know using this email form! Report [...]


Visit the website Badr El Habti Student, Volunteer  - Tetouan, Morocco I am a future information research engineer, who believes in the necessity and the urgency of standing against global warming. I have always played an essential role in my community, in the protection of our environment.. Have you [...]


Zaynab Youcha Student, Volunteer - Nador, Morocco Hello, It’s Zaynab Youcha! I am a third year student of bachelor in Behavioral Sciences for Public Policies at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University. I had an experience during the Green Universities Summit, this project aims to protect against climate change within the various [...]


Hassane Hassar Engineering Student, Volunteer - Morocco I am a second year student of Computer Engineering and Emerging Technologies at the National School of Applied Sciences of El Jadida. I have great experiences as a volunteer ambassador for several organizations. I have also proven my unwavering commitment to lifelong [...]

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