Green Inmensity GlobalConscience.World Partner - Malawi Malawi faces climate change issues due to deforestation and unsustainable agriculture. We work to curb these practices through better alternatives that are much more profitable and sustainable. Our goal is to connect with the world and make a positive contribution to making our [...]


Timothy Chunga Researcher - Mzuzu, Malawi I have a degree in Agricultural Economics, and a diploma in Education with a bias in Geography. Currently, I am working as Coordinator for agroecological research projects at Soils, Food and Healthy Communities (SFHC). For the past three years, I have been training farmers in [...]


Feddie Hackim Volunteer - Lilongwe, Malawi I am an Environmental Health professional. I want to volunteer because climate change is the biggest threat to humanity. Climate change affects human health. The adverse health effects are caused by extreme heat, waterborne infections, insect-borne diseases, and exposure to storms and floods. I want [...]


Twitike Ngonga Student, Volunteer - Blantyre, Malawi I am a hardworking 32 year old woman. I have studied banking with a certificate and currently studying towards a Diploma in Accounting. I am a results oriented person, a goal getter and I am well organized. I have vast experience in different fields. [...]

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