Dr. Ram Chavan Assistant Professor, Scientist - Pune, India I Have completed my PhD from BITS Pilani, Rajasthan in wastewater management using algae and production of value added products. I have also worked as an Environmental Engineer and Assistant Manager with few reputed industries working in solid waste management sectors. Currently, [...]


Visit the website Afsal Mohammed B Activist, Volunteer - Kollam, India I am a social volunteer and activist, hailing from Kerala, India. Volunteering is my all-time passion and I have volunteered with 10,000+ youth all over India. For the past 15 years, I have volunteered and undertaken 100+ initiatives in the [...]


Visit the website Romola Butalia Writer - Mukteshwar, India I completed my Masters from Delhi School of Economics, and have wide journalistic experience in print, visual media and internet. I live in the Kumaon Himalayas, I teach Vedic Sciences and I am a practitioner in the tradition of the Himalayan yogis. [...]


Nathaniel Bhakupar Dkhar Scientist - New Delhi, India I am working with the Water Resources Policy and Management area on sustainable and efficient management of water and waste water resources. I am part of the team working on water energy food nexus. I received the Australia Awards: Certificate in Strengthening Water [...]


Visit the WebSite GoingZero GlobalConscience.World Partner - India Going Zero is India’s first online zero waste vegan store. We value and encourage plastic-free, cruelty-free and chemical-free, vegan, zero-waste products. We serve to bring all eco-friendly businesses that serve nature, together, at a common platform, for conscious customers to buy [...]


Durairaja G S Volunteer, Prospective Student - Banglore, India I aspire to study climate-related influence and the impact on finance domains. My future plan is to be part of the weather change mission that is badly needed. Not only for the future generation but even for our own current generation [...]


Harshil Trivedi Student - Vadodara, India I’m a final year student of MSc Environmental Biotechnology. I have recently experienced climate change due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Due to this pandemic, air ambient quality has increased because of low vehicle exposure on the roads due to lockdown. There has also been [...]


Megha T Bhasi Student - Ernakulam, India I am Megha, a chemical engineer graduate who turns up into a climate change enthusiast. Now, I am in the final year of the master's program in climate change and sustainability studies. My interests lie in coastal adaptation to climate change including nature-based solutions [...]


Anirudh Thorbole Marine Pollution Activist - Ahmedabad , India I am a nature lover, but the times today can even hurt the people who are not close to nature. I am involved in acknowledging one such problem of marine plastic pollution and various aspects to tackle such problems worldwide. I am [...]


Kusshal Thakker Economist - Mumbai, India I am working in the real estate field, selling properties to HNI and UHNI clients. I have been a part of beach and river cleanup activity before I became a father. Our biggest climate change hurdle is to raise finances for the mitigation of the [...]


Dr. Archana Sharma Scientist, Volunteer - Rajkot, India I have worked in academics and research for last 21 years. Presently, I am Senior Assistant Professor in Environmental Science & Engineering Department at MEFGI. I pursued a Ph.D. from Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur. My research interest is in the field of Environment [...]


Raghav Prakash Student - Gurgaon, India I have recently completed my undergraduate studies in the O.P. Jindal Global University, where I have majored in Environmental Studies. Having taken a number of courses on the topic of climate change, I've gained a fair amount of knowledge on it. I understand the devastating [...]


Rajiv Dua Ambassador - New Delhi, India I am 59-year-old active male. I opted for voluntary retirement from India's largest bank, State Bank of India in Top Executive scale. I currently have no experience in the climate change field but I am too concerned about the issue and wish to contribute [...]


Chandan Ghogardare Student - Pune, India I am a medical student from India. I help with a tree plantation program through an NGO run by my seniors and friends. I want to make the Earth fossil-fuel-free! Have you seen inappropriate content from one of our ambassadors? Let us know [...]


Shyamal Mandirwala Strategist, Blogger/Writer - Surat, India I'm committed professionally to the war against climate change and for a sustainable world in which the environment, people and profit are balanced. I lead the sustainability program at an Indian Solar PV manufacturer and have shaped my organization's bold carbon-neutral pledge with [...]


Kamaljyothi Suresh Gandhi Educator, Activist, Volunteer - Mumbai, India I am a freelance landscape designer and educator and I work towards conservation of biodiversity. Climate change has a negative effect on the lives of people all across the world especially the poor who are most vulnerable due to displacement. There are [...]


Pranav Shrivastava Volunteer, Artist - Mumbai, India I am an aspiring IT Graduate who enjoys connecting the dots: be it ideas from different disciplines, people from different teams, or applications from different industries. My passion lies in solving complex business problems and learning new technologies to enhance my knowledge and [...]


Dr. Satya Prakash Mehra Scientist - Bharatpur, India I am a trained Environmental cum Development Professional with experience of over 23 years in Asian, African & European nations in association with different platforms in different capacities. I have achieved academic degrees [UG (BSc), PG (MSc), and Doctoral (PhD)] with [...]


Vanya Pandey Student, Researcher, Writer/Blogger - Greater Noida, India My name is Vanya Pandey and I have recently Post-Graduated (M.Sc.) with my degree in Environmental Sciences from Amity Institute of Environmental Sciences, Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, having completed my Graduation (B.Sc.) from Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi in [...]


Dr. Geetha P.N. Volunteer, Scientist, Writer/Blogger - Cochin, India I am an early career Marine Scientist from Kerala, India and Director for Operations at World Alliance for Planetary Health, India. I am also working as a social media manager for the Gift Women Link Foundation, Uganda, promoting projects like making [...]


Sathiya Prabhakaran Research, Scientist - Tiruchirappalli, India I am passionate about alternative fuels, fuel blending, co-processing and it’s thermal degradation kinetics. I also have ongoing research collaborations in thermal energy storage systems using nano-PCMs and nano-catalytic fuel conversion of biomass through pyrolysis. My long-term goals are to develop technologies to [...]


Balwinder Kumar Scientist, Educator, Researcher - Ludhiana, India I am working as a scientist in the field of agriculture. Agriculture and livestock are being affected by climate change. I am doing research on mitigation strategies for climate change in crops and also educating farmers on the negative effects of climate change [...]


Visit the website Srishti Goyal Researcher, Economist - New Delhi, India With my education in the realm of economics, I aspire for my work to have a positive discourse on the policy environment and contribute effectively towards the attainment of sustainable development goals. My areas of interest include international [...]


Tuba Marjan Volunteer - Hyderabad, India I have worked as an Associate Research Officer for a Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing academic and corporate services to pharmaceuticals and research institutes across India. I currently teach graduate students and also volunteer as a biology teacher for underprivileged kids through various [...]


Palakh Khanna Student, Volunteer - New Delhi, India Hi! I am Palakh, an 18-year-old socially aware individual. I am a dynamic, creative, and innovative changemaker who inspires and empowers others. I am determined and quite dedicated, I would say! I also have good communication skills. I am passionate about [...]


Prabhat Kumar Student, Writer, Blogger - Bhavnagar, India I am working with a ship recycling group of companies as a VP for the QHSE and Naval Architecture. We are recycling almost everything that is obtained from a ship and we dispose of the waste to the authorized sub-contractor. We must [...]


Nisarga K Gowda Student, Volunteer - Bengaluru, India The materialist pleasures of humans is destroying our only known planet earth which has thrived life for millions of years. We humans must change the way we deal with all our activities which favors earth rather than destroying it. It's a climate emergency. [...]


Abhishek Mahawar Activist - Chandigarh, India I have been working as a climate change expert for the past 12 years and have contributed in implementing climate market mechanisms and managing climate risks for private sectors. I have closely watched the epic failure of all the governments and leaders to deliver [...]


David James Educator, Advocate - Bangalore, India I am a Bioneer (Pioneer in Climate Economics & GreenTech). I am a GreenTech entrepreneur by making genuine hard-wood alternatives without cutting down trees. The Wood industry is more entropic than the petroleum industry with little attention to alternative practices. I am also [...]


Anju Ahuja Consultant, Researcher - Bangalore, India I am a finance and management professional with more than 30 years of experience in strategy and operational excellence, consulting, industry and teaching. I am currently an advisor and researcher on sustainability with transdisciplinary University at Bangalore. I have attended a range of webinars [...]


Umme Habiba Student - Faizabad, India I am doing masters in economics and I am interested in environmental economics. To understand the concept behind the climate change and ways to tackle it I have done many certificated courses and also doing internship at Carbon tax now. I want to bring change [...]


Visit the WebSite Samir Kumar Sahu Researcher - Baripada, India I am the founder of Mayurbhanj Biological Research, founded in 1999 and working for the environment and rural development, agriculture, tribal and forest resources, valued utilization of product, climate reliance and development of education and promoted solar energy and its [...]


Ranjan Kumar Student, Volunteer - Gaya, India I'm fascinated by the laws of nature and driven by the ambiguities in the physical phenomena. My zeal to connect with nature and step in the field of Geophysics, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences has always increased with time. I'm an aspiring candidate [...]


Dr. Rekha Singh Student, Activist, Volunteer - New Delhi, India I am an Environment & Health Safety specialist with 20+ years of experience. My core expertise are EIA, Climate Change Studies, water & wastewater management, solid and hazardous waste management. I have completed my M. Sc. and Ph. D in Environmental [...]


Binal Shah Volunteer - Silvassa, India I am an enthusiastic environment professional and have been working on the environment research project. I feel we have already starting experiencing climate change across the globe, like severe droughts, extreme weather conditions, frequent cyclones, often flooding and many others. It is high time that [...]


Shreyas Rajan Blogger, Volunteer - Bangalore, India I am a Post Graduate Engineer with a Masters in Environmental and Energy Engineering from the University of Sheffield, UK and also hold a degree in Management from Symbiosis, Pune. I have 16 plus years of experience working in different aspects of Marketing. I [...]


Apolina Saikia Writer - Guwahati, India I am Apolina Saikia and I hail from Assam, India. I am a psychology graduate and an entrepreneur. I believe climate change is very much happening around us, however, is often an overlooked issue. This is perhaps the result of the locus of control among [...]


Ritesh Dayal Mathur Blogger, Writer - New Delhi, India I am currently working as a Human Resource Manager at a private company in India. Although I have never been associated with any company or institution working towards climate change effects or global warming, I have always wanted to be [...]


Ishan Ganguly Student, Blogger, Artist, Volunteer - Kolkata, India I am currently studying Law at The University Of Calcutta. I believe that if we take action to solve the world's problems, we can help make this world a better place to live. I have seen that many people are not aware [...]


Neha Chugh Volunteer, Student - New Delhi, India I am currently pursuing a Masters of Environmental Management. I also have a PG Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development. While I haven't worked in climate change, I am a strong advocate for it. I believe climate change is severely [...]


Prachi Balchandani Blogger - Mumbai, India I am an HR Consultant with 19 years of varied experience in the talent management space and recruitment. I also work as an ambassador to help jobseekers with #supportsaturdays. I believe now is the time to take care for our future generations to lead a [...]


Visit the WebSite Srishti Wadhwa Activist, Blogger - New Delhi, India I am Srishti Wadhwa, currently a senior in high school. I am an author, blogger and an artist too. I even have a podcast of mine named "What It's Like Being A Mediocre". I do all of these things with [...]


Kartik Verma Student Volunteer - India I am a student from India and believe in transforming society through knowledge. Being from a middle class family, I always wanted a business career, but I realized that I cannot breathe the air and I changed my way towards climate activism. I want [...]


Pujarani Panda Artist - India I am an artist from New Delhi. My involvement with nature/environment started at an early age as my father is a gardener and prefers to produce his own vegetables. I was well adapted with this sustainable model before having any proper understanding about it. [...]


Mayurh Parmar Writer - India I am a student and writer. I do not use single use plastics and I encourage other people to do the same. I am the founder of the “Globalist Human” Facebook page an hope to bring awareness and change to the climate crisis. [...]


Ajay Patidar Student Activist - India I am a medical student at Index Medical College. I currently run an Instagram page with Green Army. The goal of the Green Army is to plant trees in the barren lands of India. My goal is to make people aware of climate change [...]

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