Zahra Zeidi Student - Freiberg, Germany I'm a master student in Environmental Geoscience and in our university, the most emphasis is on climate change, and I'm from one country with a lot of problems that are somehow related to climate change or the climate change made the situation worse. [...]


Visit Sana Mare WebSite Sana Mare GlobalConscience.World Partner - Germany All life on earth depends on a healthy ocean. But the ocean is suffering under human activity. Sana Mare is a non-profit organization who strives to maximize environmental protection. They aim to promote ocean conservation. They work every day to [...]


Visit the WebSite Anna Pribil Psychologist and Eco-Consultant - Germany I am a psychologist and eco-consultant. My job is to educate people and companies to live and work sustainably. My focus is not only on sustainability but on psychological processes as well, such as changing behavior, staying motivated, and shifting one’s [...]

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