Andrea Carolina Dueñas Castro Volunteer - Bogota, Colombia An environmental engineer with extensive knowledge about environmental sustainable challenges, green house gases impacts and carbon footprint measurement according to corporate social responsibility. I truthfully believe that climate change impacts are a real problem in public and private industrial sectors that is why [...]


Leonardo Andrés Bernal Rozo Engineer, Volunteer - Bogota, Colombia Im Leonardo Bernal, environmental engineering passionate about sustainability and ESG (environment, social and governance). Exploring this field, it's a great opportunity to communicate the impacts of climate change and how different institutions are taking action about this problem. I aspire to become [...]


Reizon David Arteaga Correa Activist, Musician- Pereira, Colombia Hello, much pleasure. My name is Reizon, I am 28 years old and I live in Colombia. I spent 2 years in the Marine Corps, I am a technology in finance and a technician in sports training. But I love and enjoy making [...]


Leonardo Mediorreal Student, Volunteer - Bogotá, Colombia I am an Environmental Engineer and Business Manager with 2 years of experience in consulting companies. I am passionate about being part of teams that promote best practices of sustainable development, working for the restructuring or adoption of new processes in organizations in order [...]


Giselle Escandón Silva Artist, Designer, Volunteer - Cali, Colombia My name is Giselle Escandón from Cali, Colombia. I am an industrial designer with a master's degree in neuromarketing, but my greatest passion is illustration and caricature. In addition to participating in group exhibitions, international competitions and commercializing my [...]

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