Nyoh Muluem Miller Marcel Volunteer, Activist - Douala, Cameroon I am a young graduate that is interested in sustainable development, climate change, internet governance and human resources management. I am not currently employed. In 2020 I joined the United Nations sustainable development solution youth network as a coordinator, where I advocated [...]


Tewantsa Judicaël Marcelin Scientist - Dschang, Cameroon Je suis épidémiologiste et expert en sante publique, président fondateur de l'association humanitaire HOPE FOR NATIONS dont l'un des axes stratégique est la protection de l'environnement. Le changement climatique est a centre de nos réflexions car la situation actuelle du monde est vraiment inquiétante [...]


Nana Jean Christian Activist - Yaoundé, Cameroon Salut! Je suis Nana, Activiste environnementaliste, Préventeur desRisques, sécurité et Santé Professionnels. Par ailleurs fondateur de l'association environnementale OKPLANET CAMAROON. Je suis un friand du bien-être physique et mental ce qui me lève à défendre et promouvoir le bon état de notre environnement, gage [...]


Betga Alex Worldlight Scientist, Student, Activist - Yaoundé, Cameroon I'm a master degree holder in Inorganic Chemistry, meaning I am a specialist in the valorization of domestic and agricultural waste products to produce activated carbon for water treatment, health benefits, and for fuel. I was the secretary deputy of Global Youth [...]


Visit the website Ndanga Tchana Ludovic Activist - Messamena, Cameroon I am a young Cameroonian 34 year old with a Master's degree in Plant Biology from the University of Yaoundé I in Cameroon. I am a Green Peace volunteer and I work for a local NGO called Tropical Forest and Rural [...]


Isabella Manla Student, Researcher, Volunteer - Cameroon I am currently a master’s student in marine and lacustrine science management at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.  My keen interest in environmental sustainability is seen in both my research work and volunteering activities with AIESEC and the International Climate Change Development Initiative [...]


Ambeapie Lawrence Conservationist - Cameroon Since the creation of our association with SanaMare, we have done a series of educational projects on environmental protection. We are presently running a plastic waste collection project to curb the amount of plastics that pollute the environment. Also, we are working on a project that [...]


Laura Ojong Achale Student - Cameroon I am 25 years old and currently a student at the University of Buea. I study Environmental Science at a 300 level . I love the environment so much and I try to educate people about the dangers of pollution and suggest ways [...]

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