Luiz Antonio Gomes Scientist, Volunteer - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil I am Luiz Antonio Gomes,  MSc, MBA, Global Director at afi Global Marine Have you seen inappropriate content from one of our ambassadors? Let us know using this email form! Report


Américo Varkulya Jr Project Developer - São Paulo,Brazil I am Chemical Engineering and started my career working with R&D of renewable energy generation projects from biomass, at the University of São Paulo, where I also obtained a master's degree in Integrated Energy Resources Planning. My performance in the sustainability area was [...]


Adriane Franco da Silva Volunteer - Tucurui, Brazil My name is Adriane, I have experience in projects about the environment. And I believe that the role of social networks in environmental education is essential to encourage the population about important environmental issues, such as climate change. Have you seen [...]


Luciane Neis Lara Environmental and Sustainable Activist and Consultant - Londrina, Brazil My whole childhood was in the midst of nature and animals, a town of 8,000 inhabitants, with a rich culture of valuing people and education. At 16-years-old I was looking at a college in a city that offered education, [...]


Raphael Barboza de Souza Volunteer - Recife, Brazil I am a person who is attentive to the environment and do not waste. I notice the lack of care people have when it comes to environmental concerns, often due to a lack of education. I believe that there is a great opportunity [...]

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