Sumarie Jordan, Ambassador

Thelma Irere

Volunteer – Lagos, Nigeria

My name is Thelma Irere, a Nigerian, I am an educationist and a passionate humanitarian with over five years of experience working with NGOs. I am an ardent promoter of the sustainable development goals with a focus on recycling and up-cycling of waste materials to reusable materials.

I work with teenagers as an educator where we sensitize the students on awareness of climate change. Young people face a significantly diminished future as a direct result of the climate crisis. I have been able to work with NGOS in community service where we educate teenagers on how to manage climate change and educate the public about the causes, consequences and potential solutions to climate change.

I have also created awareness on how to manage climate change by speaking up, powering your home with renewable energy, weatherizing, investing in energy-efficient appliances, reducing water waste, buying better bulbs and actually eating the food you buy and making sure you lessen the amount of meat you purchase.

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