Project Description

Sumarie Jordan, Ambassador

Temuulen Purevdorj

Volunteer, Scientist – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

I am from Mongolia. I am mechanical engineer by major and interested in advancing data science and renewable technologies. Currently on the seek for an employment.

Currently, by glancing with the eyes of young national individual, there is a big problem related politics – it is corrosion – that leads any project for betterment into vain. In my country, climate change is even visible to the naked eyes. When I was a child, that was like 20 years ago, nature and wild life were almost untouched. It has been too dramatic shift in climate to adapt. Now the country suffers from arid summer, in which domestic animals living along the main river streams pay the price with their lives, and cold winter (sometimes dry winter without snow or with heavy snow) which causes distortion to early spring plant development in either case. Climate has gone to extremes and it is highly likely that this trend is global. I wish to preserve the our living habitat for us and those after us.

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