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Prakritivadi Foundation

GlobalConscience.World Partner – India

We established to promote and spread awareness in the society about cleanliness, sanitation, tree plantation, rainwater harvesting, making rag pickers self-reliant, and activities that allies with prevention of deterioration of nature. We carry out activities that prevent degradation of life underwater and the other living things that share the earth with humans. We establish and maintain waste collection and management and work with stakeholders to manage waste easily and sustainably. We carry on in India or elsewhere to provide control, develop, establish, handle, operate, etc. and act as agents and consultants in all types of reusable materials through recycling operations, and disposal of garbage and other waste materials. We carry out all types of development programs and initiatives and interventions for the safety of natural resources, health and nutrition, slum development, environment, renewable energy, water resources, and any area in which development activity and intervention are required.

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