Sumarie Jordan, Ambassador

Paige Girdwood

Volunteer – Sydney, Australia

Hi, Im Paige – I currently work fulltime in Business Development for Oracle NetSuite. I grew up in the Blue Mountains and love to spend my time outdoors, whether its playing soccer or meeting friends for a coastal walk!
I have invested time in learning about global warming and the facts are terrifying. It’s uncertain whether we could ever recover from the devastation. The environment is suffering, and ecosystems will continue to collapse at an increasing rate. And we, the youngest generation – we will have to live with it, and we don’t know how.
This January saw the hottest summer on record in Australia. We’ve had bushfires in Tasmania, devastating floods in Queensland and mass fish kills in NSW. We can’t afford to just shake our heads at the TV whilst sitting in the comfort of our homes anymore. It’s real and it will be irreversible.
I want to make a change for the better and willing to help in any way I can.

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