Project Description

Sumarie Jordan, Ambassador

Letsatsi Phinehas Lekhooa

Activist, Student, Volunteer, sSientist – Mt. Moorosi, Lesotho

I am Climate activist since 2014 and a proud Lesotho citizen. I am the Country Coordinator of COY16 and the director of Keep Lesotho Clean youth led intiative. I am a graduate in BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science from National University of Lesotho and Diploma in Climate Friendly Travel Tourism at Institute of Tourism Studies and Certificate in Paris Agreement on Climate change as a development agenda offered by United Nations System Staff College. I am currently completing MSc Specialising in Climate Change at University of Free State and Climate Governance, Diplomacy and Leadership Program at Africa Group of Negotiators Experts on Climate change. I am also the technical expert at IPCC and UNFCC. I am very keen to seen young climate expert emerges especially in Africa.

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