Sumarie Jordan, Ambassador

Javaria Zafar

Volunteer, Student, Artistr – Lahore, Pakistan

I am a biotechnologist with a background in molecular biology sciences and now a researcher of nanotechnology. My graduation research was based on the expression and molecular cloning of protease genes from Klebsiella pneumonia and then, I worked on various projects on bioremediation of “Turning the corpses into black gold and advocacy of ending the war on open-air disposal”. I also spread awareness on this matter and gathered about 150 people in a walk-in at my university and held a seminar regarding this matter. I have been an award winner in my documentary on Waste Water treatment in various sites in Lahore and a research paper on the Enrichment of various hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria in several oil-contaminated sites of Pakistan, a research paper published in Taylor and Francis. With another publication on interstrand crosslink repair of DNA in IntechOpen. I want to add more value for our future generations to learn and understand science with a sustainable touch.

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