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Earth Hero

GlobalConscience.World Partner – United States

Earth Hero is a group of volunteers who came together to do our part to address the climate crisis. We contribute in different ways with our own unique interests — yet share a common cause. We believe a billion compassionate activists can restore a healthy earth where life can thrive, so we are motivated to inspire people and their communities to join the global climate movement.

Our nonprofit volunteer team is focused on providing tools and ideas that empower all who want to reduce emissions and care for our shared planet. We help people to effectively respond to the climate emergency while strengthening their resilience and quality of life.

How the Earth Hero app can help:

  • Fill out a short survey to get a profile of where your carbon emissions come from
  • Set targets to reduce emissions, relative to global averages and IPCC recommendations
  • Browse ideas for actions to figure out your first steps
  • Track your progress with helpful reminders and tools to measure your impact
  • Discover social actions that have a multiplier effect
  • Refine your profile as you go to get a personalized view of possible actions
  • Go out and reduce carbon pollution, work with others to address climate change, and care for our shared planet

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