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Climate Access

GlobalConscience.World Partner – United States

Climate Access is a nonprofit organization focused on building political and public support for climate and clean energy solutions by developing and promoting effective communication and engagement approaches. Since 2011, Climate Access has demonstrated the value of going beyond environmental frames and using new narrative concepts that have since become widely used, such as illustrating the interconnectedness between energy use and climate change and emphasizing the need for carbon-free or low-carbon energy. We introduced the idea of shifting from a “should we act?” to a “we are acting” posture with the Preparation Frame that places a greater emphasis on the need for communities to ready themselves for current and future climate impacts. Today we are applying and refining climate engagement best practices to reach thousands of people in communities across the United States including those most at risk from the impacts of climate change and often left out of local decision-making, increase their awareness of climate risks and motivate them to take steps to prepare for impacts and cut emissions. To do this, Climate Access runs a resource and training center for more than 3,600 members from nonprofits, government agencies and academic institutions; breaks down polarization and motivates action through strategic framing and narrative development; and creates activation and engagement models that involve a diverse range of community members in creating and implementing climate action plans and programs.

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