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Blue Mountain Tribe

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Blue Mountain Tribe has spanned a decade of excellence in Blues & Rock ‘n Roll, constantly changing & improving. They are the only known Native American father/son blues and rock team, finally achieving the ultimate goal of having a Band of Brothers where all members are of Native American Blood. The immeasurable experience and talents of their current members spans longer than their prospective lifetimes and all are dedicated and truly honored  to represent not only their own Indigenous heritage but all 500+ of our original Nations. Blue Mountain Tribe hopes to honor all relations that span all the Americas, as well as our Indigenous brothers and sisters of the Pacific Islands. They hope to bring Native people everywhere together to share the joy of music, and to celebrate each other, and to inspire all people to celebrate life and to live their dreams . . . to treat each other like family, to do for the “Greater Good”….This is the Native Way.

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