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Anthropocene Alliance

GlobalConscience.World Partner – United States

Anthropocene Alliance (A2) has more than 100 member-communities in 33 U.S. states and territories. They are impacted by flooding, toxic waste, wildfires, and drought and heat — all compounded by reckless development and climate change. The consequence is broken lives and a ravaged environment. The goal of A2 is to help communities fight back. They do that by providing them with organizing support, scientific and technical guidance, and better access to foundation and government funding. Most of all, their work consists of listening to their frontline leaders. Their experience, research, and solidarity guide everything we do, and offer a path toward environmental and social justice. Supported by outstanding partner organizations with expertise in engineering, hydrology, public health, planning, and the law, A2 leaders have successfully halted developments in climate-vulnerable areas; implemented nature-based hazard mitigation strategies; organized home buyouts; and pushed for clean-ups at superfund sites, toxic landfills, and petrochemical plants. They support everyone they can, but their special priority is people who have suffered the worst environmental impacts for the longest time; that usually means low-income, Black, Latinx, Native American and other underserved communities.

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