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Sumarie Jordan, Ambassador

Alick Genge Kachigwada

Volunteer – Mzuzu, Malawi

I am a 23-year old unmarried young man studying at Mzuzu University. I am pursuing Bachelor of Science Optometry (Hons) and currently in my 4 th year of study. I am a highly organized young man who has always believed in hard work to achieve goals. I am a self-starter; require minimal supervision and I always believe in teamwork.

Honestly, I have never worked with any organization chiefly focusing on climate change. However, I have volunteered several times with organizations that incorporate climate change programs in their projects. From 2017 up to now, for example, I have been an active member of Mzuzu University United Nations Volunteers and through this grouping, we have carried out various programs aimed at combating the effects of climate change such as planting trees and civic education on behavioral changes that can retard the effects of climate change. The knowledge that have obtained and the experience I have acquired so far suits me to be a climate change activist.

My dreams rest on a sole goal of ensuring that people globally understand the effects of climate change and how they can help to prevent the devastating effects of climate change. If people understand the effects of climate change, they are in a familiar position to change some of the behaviors that escalate climate change and, in that way, we can together combat the effects of climate change.

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