Sumarie Jordan, Ambassador

Abhishek Mahawar

Activist – Chandigarh, India

I have been working as a climate change expert for the past 12 years and have contributed in implementing climate market mechanisms and managing climate risks for private sectors. I have closely watched the epic failure of all the governments and leaders to deliver on the climate change commitments year after year. I believe we will not be able to provide a better future for our next generations if we, as global citizens, do not take actions and just wait for the political leaders and private companies to act on our behalf. It is the people who are suffering the impacts of climate change and we have to change the world through our choices (start making sustainable choices in our purchase and lifestyle), actions (lead the community to create local movement), thoughts (brainstorm locally and globally to generate mitigation and adaptation ideas for implementation) and expressions (Raising our voice and spreading awareness everywhere about climate change urgency).

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