Climate Interactive introduces En-ROADS to the sustainable business community with HSBC at GreenBiz in Phoenix

By  – Feb 4, 2020

For those in the sustainable business field, GreenBiz is one of the year’s biggest tent events and offers a unique chance to discuss emerging trends in corporate sustainability. Climate Interactive and HSBC will be doing our part to keep the conference lively and engaging by running the En-ROADS Climate Workshop for conference attendees in Phoenix, Arizona.

This won’t be the first business-focused event for En-ROADS. Professor John Sterman of MIT Sloan introduced the simulator during Bloomberg’s New Economy Forum in Beijing last year, in a lineup that included Bill Gates. In early January, Kelly Fisher, head of corporate sustainability and Andrew Greenspan, vice president of sustainable operations for HSBC Bank USA, ran workshops for senior HSBC leadership in Europe. But for many in the business community, this will be their first chance to see and try out the simulator.

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This is a particularly interesting time in the business sector. The CEO of the world’s largest money manager Blackrock recently announced that their active funds would no longer invest in companies with significant revenues from thermal coal. Microsoft announced a goal to become carbon negative by 2030. Our partners at HSBC have committed $100 billion in sustainable finance and investments by the year 2025 and have a goal to be 100% renewable by 2030.  And organizations like the Carbon Disclosure Project and Climate Accountability Institute have determined that a relatively small number of companies bear responsibility for a significant portion of global emissions (70% from 100 companies, according to CDP).

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Chris Page will be representing Climate Interactive at GreenBiz and will drive ongoing efforts to engage the business sector around En-ROADS. A seasoned sustainability expert, Chris has previously held roles as head of climate strategy for the City of Seattle, Amazon, and Yahoo, and was a sustainability and energy consultant at Rocky Mountain Institute. Chris will be hosting a webinar specifically focused on using En-ROADS to inform business strategies around climate at noon EST on March 23.

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