Cape Coral, FL (March 15, 2021) – GlobalConscience.World (GCW), a Cape Coral, FL non-profit waging a people’s war on global warming is pleased to welcome Sumarie Jordaan as a Brand Ambassador to their team.  

Sumarie Jordaan is a South African singer, songwriter, radio presenter and motivational speaker in Cape Town, Republic of South Africa. Her globally viral music video, Renew Your Perception, is a song she wrote to change people’s perceptions about people with disabilities.    

“I am very excited to be a part of this amazing organization,” says Sumarie.  “I believe we can change the world with this music video promotion. In South Africa, there is zero awareness about global warming and it is time for a change.  As a popular ‘cause’ songwriter, I believe I have the correct platform to help GCW build mindfulness around this issue.  I am so proud to be the Republic of African Ambassador for GlobalConscience. Together we are going to move mountains.“

Created by GlobalConscience.World, the Music Video promotion aims to build international interest and support for its educational climate-change content. The goal is to discover songs and films that will encourage people to join the movement.  

“We need the support of the entire world,” William Ulrich, Founder of The Rainbow Movement Foundation and mastermind of the GCW Music and Video promotion says. He believes Sumarie’s talents, passion and enthusiasm will raise awareness about global warming. 

According to Ulrich, the mission is to inspire people from across the globe to take action against climate change. The vision is to empower individuals to fight climate change from their own homes and communities using educational materials provided by GlobalConscience.World. 

“We are looking to recruit national and international brand ambassadors to help promote our cause,” Ulrich says. “These ambassadors will help secure songs and music video submissions for the effort.”

As one of the priority initiatives of the Rainbow Movement Foundation, GCW shares ideas, information, and resources across the globe in an effort to encourage individuals to take action against global warming. “The goal is to educate millions of people about the causes of and possible solutions to global warming in an effort to provide the world with a climate-safe environment,” Ulrich says. “One part of that effort is enlisting citizen reporters from around the world who will send us videos that expose both the good and the bad being done by individuals, corporations, and governments in their own countries.”  

To learn more about the Rainbow Movement Foundation and GlobalConscience.World, please contact Justin Verley, Media Director and Board Director (239) 470-6345 or visit their website at

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